Handcrafted from botanical materials, Ephemera is a color-changing ink made from pokeberries that goes down a bright, bold fuschia and dries a soft, dark magenta. Depending on the amount/layers of ink on paper, the pink shades will fade to brown at different rates. Like the beauty of sunsets and rainbows and the grass glistening in the morning dew, Ephemera isn't meant to last.


Individual inks are priced at:

5ml sampler - $7

5oz bottle - $11


If you are interested in multiple inks, please use the code B2G1FREE at checkout in order to receive 3 bottles for the price of 2! This code is good for all sizes of individual inks {Dahnpoong, Erzulie, and Ephemera}. It is not valid on Ink Collections. 



This ink contains all-natural materials and is vegan-friendly. 


Available in 5 ml sampler size or 0.5 oz dropper bottles. 


Please note: Due to the nature of botanical materials, slight variations may occur in the color of your inks depending on your nib/paintbrush, the pH balance of your water and/or paper, whether the paper is 100% cotton or made from other materials, etc. 


Handmade inks are not suitable for use in fountain pens. 

Botanical Ink - Ephemera

  • All inks ship via USPS First-Class Mail with Tracking at no additional cost. You may upgrade your shipping to Priority or Priority Express during Check-Out. 

    International shipping will be calculated during checkout, depending on weight and destination. 

  • Unlike commercially produced inks, my handmade botanical inks are made from all natural ingredients and do not contain chemical preservatives and anti-fungals.

    Thyme or lemongrass essential oils--and in larger bottles (excluding 5 ml sample size) a whole clove--has been added to prevent mold growth.

    To further protect your inks from developing mold, avoid dipping your pen or brush directly into the ink bottle or jar. Use a dropper/pipette to transfer small amounts of ink into a smaller ink well for dipping. 

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