Once upon a midnight dreary...


Nevermore is a carbon black ink made from charred wood collected by my children from our backyard fire pit. Carbon black ink, unlike other botanical inks, is not a dye-based ink. Instead, the carbon black is ground into a fine powder that is suspended in liquid/water, much like a liquid watercolor. Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before use as the pigment particles will settle at the bottom. 


Individual inks are priced at:

5ml sampler - $7

5oz bottle - $11


If you are interested in multiple inks, please use the code B2G1FREE at checkout in order to receive 3 bottles for the price of 2! This code is good for all sizes of individual ink listings. It is not valid on Ink Collections. 





This ink contains all-natural materials and is vegan-friendly. 


Available in 5 ml sampler size or 0.5 oz dropper bottles. 


Please note: Due to the nature of botanical materials, slight variations may occur in the color of your inks depending on your nib/paintbrush, the pH balance of your water and/or paper, whether the paper is 100% cotton or made from other materials, etc. 


Handmade inks are not suitable for use in fountain pens. 


Botanical Ink - Nevermore

  • All inks ship via USPS First-Class Mail with Tracking at no additional cost. You may upgrade your shipping to Priority or Priority Express during Check-Out. 

    International shipping will be calculated during checkout, depending on weight and destination. 

  • Unlike commercially produced inks, my handmade botanical inks are made from all natural ingredients and do not contain chemical preservatives and anti-fungals.

    Thyme or lemongrass essential oils--and in larger bottles (excluding 5 ml sample size) a whole clove--has been added to prevent mold growth.

    To further protect your inks from developing mold, avoid dipping your pen or brush directly into the ink bottle or jar. Use a dropper/pipette to transfer small amounts of ink into a smaller ink well for dipping.