Please read the product description carefully before purchasing this item.


Download and print your own Color Study Chart! This chart is very useful for studying tint, tone, and shade of your paints.


This file is designed to print on letter-sized (8.5x11 inch) paper. There are 2 color study charts per sheet. They are slightly different in dimensions from the color mixing charts used for the Watercolor Swatch Books.




* Unless your printer has a rear feeder tray for thicker specialty paper (such as watercolor paper), please do not print these at home. Putting watercolor paper through a bottom feed tray WILL jam and/or damage your printer.


* Most home/inkjet printers do NOT use waterproof ink. A list of waterproof, pigment ink printers can be found here. Laser printers produce waterproof prints. If printing on an inkjet printer that uses non-waterproof, dye-based ink, be careful to avoid the lines of the boxes to prevent smearing the ink.


* Researching your printer's capabilities before purchasing this digital file is highly recommended.

Printable Color Study Chart

  • This downloadable, printable file is in PDF format.