Most nib/pen cleaners on the market either don't list their ingredients, and after some digging, I found that many of them contain acetone. I definitely wouldn't want to put acetone on my nibs! After quite a bit of research and some testing, I created a nib cleaning solution that will get the old, dried ink crud off your nibs, but is also gentle on metal surfaces, and more importantly ON YOU! 


The nib cleaning solution does contain ammonia, but it's diluted to about 1%, which makes it absolutely harmless to your nibs (even if you accidently leave it soaking in the solution!) and to your fingertips. 


The Nib Cleaning Solution and Kit includes: 

  • 1.5 oz jar of cleaning solution w/ sponge for easy cleaning
  • 2 wooden sticks to help release old inks from the nib
  • 1 plastic storage case for nibs w/ 4 squares of anti-rust paper
  • 1 machine-washable microfiber cloth for drying


Ingredients: Diluted ammonia, distilled water, castile soap, vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, essential oils


Nib Cleaning Solution and Kit

  • To help release dried ink from the nibs, dip one end of the wooden stick into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the nib.

    Carefully insert the nib into the cleaning solution between the two sponge pieces to hold the nib upright. 

    Soak for 5-10 minutes (longer if necessary).

    Remove nibs from the cleaning solution and rub dry with the microfiber cloth. 

    Store dry nibs in the storage case with the anti-rust paper. 

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