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**This is an add-on item for Botanical Ink Purchases.** 

If you would like to purchase the plastic jars individually, please contact me using the Contact Me form or via Instagram (@thepaintboxletters) in order to calculate accurate shipping costs. 


One of the most important aspects of caring for your handmade botanical inks is keeping the inks free of contamination. Because my inks do not contain chemical preservatives, it's important not to dip your nib or paintbrush directly into the large inkwell. Also, certain inks (like Lofn) are extremely ph sensitive so even trace amounts of other inks or even your rinsing water can change the colors of your inks. It's highly recommended that you transfer small amounts of ink into a separate inkwell to protect the colors and to prevent mold growth. 


Small inkwells hold up to 0.5 oz and are perfect for holding just enough ink for a single project. 

Large inkwells hold up to 1 oz and are great for mixing colors. 


The snap on lids come with a small tab for easy opening. The lids are not perfectly airtight, so these inkwells are not recommended for long-term storage of your inks. 

Small Plastic Inkwells w/ Lids

  • This item ships for free with your purchase of any ink. 

  • Please do not purchase this item individually. It is an add-on item for ink purchases. 

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