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Help me clear out my exisiting stock of vinyl stickers! I'm upgrading my sticker-making process (yes, I print and cut all my stickers myself!) so that they will be entirely waterproof and UV resistant for up to 5 years. Yippee! 


Choose a collection, and you'll receive 6 random stickers from that collection for just $10 (Free shipping in the US and just $2 extra for international)


Available choices are: 


* Star Wars (Includes Star Wars and the Mandalorian stickers)

* Marvel

* Nintendo (Includes Pokemon stickers, LoZ, and Mario Bros. stickers)

* Animals (Includes Animal and Doggie Love stickers)

* Princesses

* Pop Culture (Includes all pop culture/fandom stickers)

* Mystery (Includes all stickers + 3 bonus mini stickers)


My current stickers are water-resistant (meaning that if you accidentally spill water on them, the inks won't bleed), but they don't hold up on things that are constantly exposed to water, scrubbing, or the elements. They work great on laptops, tablets, journals/notebooks, and things like guitar cases, pencil boxes, handheld gaming devices like the DS.

Sticker Grab Bag

  • If you are an international shopper, and your order includes STICKERS ONLY, please contact me for discounted shipping. Stickers can be shipped via FLAT First Class Mail (snail mail) for just $2. This option does not include tracking.

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