This stencil set includes the monstera leaf stencil, the fern stencil, and the hibiscus stencil. All 3 stencils in the set measure 4x4 inches. 


PLEASE NOTE: The monstera stencil and the hibiscus stencil are slightly more difficult to use because of the thinner areas of the stencil material that extend out. Those areas are less "stable" and are prone to shifting if you put pressure on them with your pencil/pen tip.


Tropical Stencil Set

  • The stencil set ships for free via USPS First Class Package WITH TRACKING. You will receive a tracking number for your order with your shipping confirmation.

  • The stencils are made of 7mil mylar, which is durable enough to last, yet flexible enough to use in a variety of ways. Stencils can be wiped clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Please store the stencils on a flat surface.