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Stephen Biesty Man Of War Pdf 22 (Final 2022)




12 Death at sea 16 VICTORY At sea in 1939 - a gay time at the Tannoy and SFLA? - J W C Clarke. The past is now in the past by W. Graham-Trevor / Tom Brennand The Catacombs, Stormy Point, Western Australia, January - February, 1990, the introduction to a special issue of the SA History J. W C Clarke was a proud, patriotic boy, born and bred in South Australia. So proud, he said later, that he could only answer the Australian War Memorial’s telephone enquiries about the “ Battle of the Coral Sea ” with the old, musty words, “He’s a great war hero. He was in the Battle of the Coral Sea ” As it turned out, he was too young to be in the Battle of the Coral Sea, but it was a proud day in his life when he put his name on the commemorative plaque at the memorial. Though he was a true patriot, he found it difficult to define exactly what he meant by “the Battle of the Coral Sea”. The battle, he knew, was important. The capital letters told him so. In those days, not so many years ago, he was still proud that he had played such a minor part in that battle. The Battle of the Coral Sea, he thought, was very important, as it was the first major engagement in the Pacific War. He had come home from school in Adelaide to find his father at the end of a long, telegram-filled day, and was not yet in the house, but he knew what the papers had to say: “Japanese forces have attacked Port Moresby,” and “Australia and the Allies are maintaining a successful defence”. The thought of it gave him a feeling of pride. The letter on the newspapers’ front page told him how proud his father was. “In a few years’ time,” he thought, “it will be in history books, and you will be proud of what you were in.” He would have the chance to be proud of what he was in, and when he was old enough to be there himself. The interest in the Battle of the Coral Sea has long since waned, but not as long ago as I’ve just written that. There was a time, not too long ago, when it was




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Stephen Biesty Man Of War Pdf 22 (Final 2022)

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